Sodium Metabisulfite

Alias name:heavy sulphur oxygenEnglish name: Sodium pyrosulfite;sodium metabisulfitemolecule formula:Na2S2O5 molecule weight:190.1Physical properties:It is white or tiny yellow crystal powde


Alias name:

heavy sulphur oxygen

English name 

Sodium pyrosulfite;sodium metabisulfite

molecule formula


molecule weight


Physical properties

It is white or tiny yellow crystal powder. Its relative density is 1.4. The solubility  is 54g/100mlwater at 20 or 81.7g/100mlwater at 100,and the solution show acidity. It can solute in glycerine and little in alcohol. When exposed in air, it will oxidized into sodium sulfate, and can react with strong acid into sulfur dioxide gas and the salts. It is  deliquescent, and will decompose when heated to 150.

Quality Standards:HG/T2826-2008

Sodium pyrosulfite%≥




value of PH



white or tiny yellow crystal powder


Used in medicine when producing chloroform,solasulfone and methnylal;used as coagulant in rubber industry; used as dechlorided agent or assistants in printing and dyeing industry; used to improve leather properties in leather industry; used as developing agent in photosensitivity industry; used when producing hydroxyl geranial, hydrochloric hydroxylamine in chemical industry; used as bleaching agent, antiseptics,  antioxidant, food industry.


25kg in white plastic bag with a weaving bag outside

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